Healthy bones and joints


OSTEOMED: It could never be stronger! Osteomed carefully and reliably compensates minerals deficiency caused by enhanced physical training.

Форма выпуска: таблетки по 505 мг.

Tablets per 505 mg

Количество таблеток в упаковке: 300 шт.

90 tablets


Supplement facts Mass,mg
calcium citrate 200,0
HDBA organic complex 100,0


Calcium citrate is the safest form of calcium having a high absorption rate. It prevents bone tissue destruction, strengthens bones, accelerates bone fractures treatment. Combined use of calcium citrate and HDBA organic complex contributes to a faster recovery of bone tissue than in case of other calcium supplements use.


HDBA organic complex promotes to the increase of androgens level, thus improving bone tissue remodeling; it accelerates osteoblasts activity and contributes to the increase of osteocytes number. Amino acids being the components of HDBA organic complex are involved in the collagen production causing bone matrix formation. HDBA organic complex promotes proper calcium absorption.


Recommended use:

  • while reducing the mineral density of bone tissue and teeth at excessive sports training;
    • to prevent bone and joint diseases;
    • to accelerate fracture consolidation;
    • to replenish calcium deficiency without hypercalcemia risk.



Recommended for use by adults as follows:

For active life style

2 tablets three times daily with or between meals;

Duration – 1 month, then a pause – for at least 2 weeks

For Sport Activities

3 tablets three times daily with or between meals;

Duration- 1 month, then pause – for at least 2 weeks


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SRC № RU. dated 22.01.2015

PATENT RF № 2412616