To boost memory and brain power


MEMOVIT: a reliable security for your brain. Perfect motor coordination and response rate!


Tablets per 505mg

90 tablets


Supplement facts




Red-stem buckwheat herb

May rose hips 100,0
HDBA organic complex 50,0


Red-stem buck wheat –– a source of useful flavonoids: rutin, quercetin, citrine and etc. It is especially rich in rutin, an essencial substance for vessels health improvement and stroke prevention.

May rose hips – a source of vitamins C, B2, K, P, E and  provitamin A.

HDBA organic complex – a source of hormones and prohormones (does not suppress own hormones production): testosteroids, progesterone and estradiol. It is a source of free amino acids.



Recommended use:
• to increase adaptive capacities of human organizm in extreme situations;
• in martial arts to improve response and to accelerate brain structures recovery after sports injuries;
• to prevent mental fatigue in case of monotonous activity or in case of stressful work;

  • in case of disorders caused by cerebral damage;
    • after cerebral injuries;
    • in case of disturbed cerebral circulation and neurotic disorder;


Recommended for use by adults as follows:

For active life style

2 tablets three times daily with or between  meals;

Duration – 1 month, then pause- for at least 2 weeks

For Sport Activities

4-5 tablets three times daily with or between meals;

Duration – 1 month, then pause –for at least 2 weeks


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