INSIBIO is an International company located in Slovenia with long time experience. Our mission is care of health and good quality of life in way of bringing high quality products to your homes. The sphere of our interest is producing and promoting products for
supporting and controlling peoples good feeling and health.

Now and in future we are glad and we will be glad to present you unique products combining the power of nature and modern innovative technologies. Our products are intended to support your health and to provide active long life.

We understand that a human organizm is a complicated system. In modern life we are surronded by negative factors and the final product of this is stresses and the treatment of some organs often negatively influences the other parts of the organism. That is why the company INSIBIO in cooperation with “PARAPHARM” has created products that are meant for recovery of your  body and your mind as a whole system and not for treatment of an individual disease.



INSIBIO has products manufactured mainly from natural raw materials. Our products  prevent your body of diseases thanks to their natural ingredients. Which is rare in this modern world. Additionally they can enhance the effect of standard pharmacotherapy, lower negative side effects. The use of PARAPHARM products makes it possible to lower dosage of standard medicines while under medical supervision.


INSIBIO has high standards for quality. We monitor safety of our products at all stages of the production process. We have a quality control system for testing products at multiple stages – from raw material to end product. All materials coming into our facility are tested to ensure the highest quality.


As INSIBIO products consist mainly of natural ingredients, they are plant based, the efficacy of the products can be observed after a consume of the products – from 2 weeks on.